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Dago Pakar, place of bandung which is not far from downtown, around 6Km-an from town great waves bandung. its the histori...

A lot spelled out members dago pakar started is famous since the engineers belanda starts makes blueways flown from river Cikapundung to a kind of danau/water cachement in Dago Pakar ( turn to left before free station parks Tahura).

And something spells out members Goa Belanda actually is part of initial plan of the aqueduct, but definitive finally is made and applied [by] subterranean big aqueduct between goa belanda up to danau/water cachement the Dago. ( caw a lot is tau isn't it kalo simply there are big aqueduct below(under Tahura?)

There is story from Tour local guide over there that the Goa Belanda which its form looking like this trisula, many eating soul inlanders in its(the making. Besides because is not given enough food quota, must sleep in prison in goa which is cool and damp, also because its(the principle " man who is knowing strategic secret of Dutch, should not may go out lifes!". But him(her word also, in Goa Belanda mah caw there are jurig, because Standard Operating Prochedure place of wisata is " done sweeping from all jurig which possibly bothers in reguler".

Though Goa Jepang according to gue rather spooky, probably because height of its(the goa which too caw height and seen far more natural ( floor batu/tanah and wall cadas). this Anyway, Goa Jepang of course solely is made for military and made only [by] during 3 year a period of Japan occupying. So, kebayang enggak how much/many inlander again dying for making of a labyrinth goa stone cadas as complex that?

Of course many stories in around Pakar dago, bandung.

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