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I live in Bandung, town which able to be called as small compared to Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan, or also is called as metropolis because becoming West Java provincial capital. This famous town as flower city, Paris van Java, town a million a nice place, town which its(the roadway full of hole, dream heaven town of the people from other side soil;land;ground, and busy town with traffic jam.

As a motorcyclist, I pertained takes a care not to impinge traffic order, although once in a while “ tempted” to get through line verbodden – for absense of police which stands by gets through crossroad at the time of vehicle from other direction (left-right and front) be having the right to pass by quickly.

But what a surprise it my when carefulness is not to impinge traffic light which I to try obeying to become annoyed in every the crossroad in approximant of all main road – more than anything else line is not priority— for every rider impinged by rider either motorbike and or car. I don't have digital camera to make a picture important moment of that, I only rely on camera at my handphone which beresolusi vga still, although I have time to steal makes a picture atypical view of that, but I try not to insert it at this article, bad fear of ah.

Seemingly awareness of road(street consumer especially in town Bandung has increasingly difficult and hardly not in control, besides marka constrictor cross link for pedestrian in every crossroad of road(street that is often is impinged – probably because its(the paint not seen obsolescence since have already— also pedestrian rights which has increasingly unappreciated, not merely again by the owner of vehicles of wheel four which without feeling guilty parks its(the vehicle in stepping aside pavement boundary, but also by the owner of feeling proud motorbikes applies pavement becoming pedestrian rights at the time of traffic jam knocks over. And another, effect PHK and skill that is is rather owned, many member of bandung which perforced ( or hobby) becomes PKL ( cloister merchant) his(its fatal finishing road(street body and avaricious of closing access of the pedestrians.

Whew, whew whew, if it is like this, will be like town bandung which this is beloved. I feel very be sorrowful sees clutter of roadway traffic, car parking as delicious as his(its, the PKL becoming king in pavement property of pedestrian and it is of course to the side of traffic police that is often steals opportunity to implement tilang abrupt, or collects tribute at driver transportation of do not having permission and which most appalling if it is prolonging in front of terminal Cicaheum. Masya Allah, bus and engkel collecting passenger every day bersantai-santai to make joint streets as shadow terminal whereas police package there busy receives tribute and likely indifferent to clutter that is continuously still decorate town gateway Bandung from direction of this east.

Now still Februari, still in calculation of calender day we will celebrate democracy. Again roadways became most effective means to be space advertisement. There is poster of the size small middle and “ bigger” pisan tries grabs attention of elector candidate with promises varying.

I have ever compared to a small part of comfort of town Bandung and Jakarta. Of course uncontestable or uneven if it is compared to. But from the aspect of my simple approach, Bandung its (the e tea pisan “ geus heurin my teuing tangtung, grasping jeung of nu ngagarantung”.

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