Finding Home for Rent (Indekost, Rumah Kost Bandung)

Finding Home for Rent (Indekost, Rumah Kost in Bandung) is not difficult-easy, kos where each course is different from one another. Some useful tips to find an kos-kos in or contract:

Look where kos (rented house) that support the environment and conducive to learning. Unless you like the environment is noisy and crowded. You can select the environment as you wish. Do not choose a place to kos that does not make you comfortable with the environment.

Please also see how the security kos / contract the area around the house.

Kos first priority to find a place, which is close to the campus. In addition, look for a place kos (rented house), which has easy access to strategic places such as near the mall, near the town square, and other entertainment venues. With such saturation akan lesson study can be decreased.

At least one bathroom for 1-3 people, guarantee three meals a day (whether provided by the owner or rantangan kos) plus other support facilities. For example, beds, wardrobe, desk and study. If you want more facilities such as TV, radio tape, and computer, you may have to bring my own from home, because kos owners usually do not provide such facilities in each room.

For a month per kos, kos find a place that the owner can be a matter of compromise kos money. Remember, money does not always come as scheduled. Usually the mother kos already familiar with the matter.

Look for information about the association of children kos where you interested nge-kost there. Association or around your home contract. However, the association influence thought patterns, attitudes and habits. This means if you select the wrong friend kos, ready-prepared course amburadul aja.

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