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Maribaya - Possible expert place of wisata in bandung which enough pleasing, especially create liking road(street. Great Forest Garden of Ir.H.Djuanda or more knowledgeable of Gua Pakar located in north bandung area and is first great forest garden in Indonesia. While located Maribaya around 7 km east-side town Lembang. In area with a width of 55 ha and height of 1000 m dpl, Maribaya has source of mineral temperature water with temperature until 46 Celcius. It is said hot water in soaking pool Maribaya can heal is reumatic and other skin disease.

By releasing money Rp. 3000,- for admission ticket and Rp. 1000 / 2000,- for money parks our accessible vehicle to Gua Pakar and sees is assorted floralness and fauna. For flora, his(its less there are 112 species from 4 set of relatives. There is also birch that is intentionally brought by the colonist like Pinus Meksiko, Mahoni Uganda, Veil Honduras etc. For fauna fauna type, admits of met a group of long tail monkey around Gua Jepang or around road between expert Gua towards Maribaya.

Along the length of journey between Gua Pakar and Maribaya, Anda can enjoy forest natural beauty with its(the air which still be clean fresh and with trees boosting and leafy clump crop with aroma which typical.

If(when fatigue we can rest a moment and need not to be anxious about starving and lacking of food. Alongside journey we will meet water seller lahang ( water nira) or bandrek and bajigur, there is also banana seller, corn rebus-bakar and burning soft rice. For heavy meal there are also red or black lead rice treat.

Doesn't fail his(its interesting is breaking phenomenon lembang is earning you to enjoy when will enter area Maribaya. Breaking Lembang would increasingly clearly is seen when looking into from the top (of) bridge before entering area Maribaya, precisely near by DAS Cikapundung pate;upstream.

Then journey can be continued to Goa Jepang and Goa Belanda. There is four main gates memasukin Japan cave to. At occupying era of Japan army in Indonesia, this cave applied for Japan army hideaway. Development of this cave done by indigenous labour forcibly recognized as romusha. There is no lighting in cave, this situation applied by people around to rent flash light with the price of rent 500 per-senter.

Dutch Cave is walking is pierced to back of mountain. This cave built in the year 1918 with main function as Pintu water-tunnel PLTA Bengkok. Because situation of war which semakain flares up during rebellion to goverment of Dutch Indies. this Goa changes function becomes center Dutch army secret communications. At independence era, this goa changed function again becomes powder house. And now can be entered safely.

To enter area Gua Pakar, if using transportation rising publik transport route which towards direction Terminal Dago and tied on transportation of Ciburial until gateway. While from Ciroyom ( Station Bandung) there is transportation that is direct towards gateway. Please tries !

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